During major upgrade works in mid-2021, all Melbourne trams were suspended along a lengthy section of St. Kilda Road and Swanston Street. It was a time when people were again moving freely around Melbourne, attending social, sporting and cultural events. Travellers Aid worked closely with Yarra Trams to develop a buggy assistance service that would help their customers travel across the disrupted service area and arrive at their intended destinations. In addition, Travellers Aid volunteers were on hand to provide directions and information, personal guidance, and wheelchair assistance, all of which were well received.  

“What a surprise to find that there were no trams running along Swanston Street and St Kilda Road to take me to the theatre at Southbank on Wednesday 6th July. Having just recovered from being unwell after my second Covid vaccination and suffering from chronic lung disease I was delighted to see Sally, my Good Samaritan, walking towards me at the #17 Collins Street tram stop with a wheelchair. I had already walked from Swanston Street and was beginning to wonder how I’d get to the theatre. When a kind tram official mentioned the wheelchair service I gratefully accepted. 

What a joy to be wheeled through the busy crowds and across tramlines and the streets of Melbourne to my destination. I was so thankful and commend you on this service and all you do for travellers.

A heartfelt thank you to Sally!”