Travellers Aid is proud to be working with the Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC), to welcome you back to travel in Victoria.

VTIC have a particular focus on accessible and inclusive tourism and events.  As Victoria’s peak body for tourism and events, VTIC runs the Victorian Tourism Awards and is one of the only states in Australia to include an accessible tourism category.  Travellers Aid is proud to have been a previous recipient of this award.

In early December VTIC will launch the important Accessible Tourism accreditation, which acknowledges accessible tourism (across all disabilities) as a pivotal part of the support needed to encourage travel and movements around the state.  There is a large disparity between the number of people identifying as having a disability, and those who travel with a disability.  We can all agree that accessible and inclusive tourism and events are pivotal for the survival and growth of the tourism industry here in Victoria – which is what VTIC aims to achieve through this accreditation program as well as their other endeavours.

So if you need assistance to travel again, we encourage you to book your trip and then book your Travellers Aid connection service. Travel around Victoria confident that you will be assisted at our sites and by VTIC tour operators.  Over the next five years, Victoria will need visitors to help recover its tourism economy. Your support of Victorian tour operators will help the transport and tourism sectors bounce back.   

When you are ready to return – know that we are here for you.

For more information on the amazing
work VTIC does, please visit their website