“What we do definitely has a positive impact.”

To help celebrate and commemorate Volunteer Week (16-22 May), we spoke with Travellers Aid volunteer Leonie about her years volunteering at the Seymour railway station.

Leonie has been a volunteer with Travellers Aid since we began our Buggy Service in Seymour six years ago. Leonie had seen the challenges people with (and without) disability faced when navigating the difficult Seymour station; some needing to stop half-way to the platform to catch their breath, some struggling with luggage, some just needing a friendly face and a helping hand.   

As Leonie states, volunteering with Travellers Aid has given her “great satisfaction, knowing that I’m helping people. We are a lovely little Travellers
Aid family in Seymour.”

Leonie’s main message to those considering volunteering is “Give it a go! With volunteering, you do what you can when you can, and what we do, definitely has a positive impact.”

“You get so much satisfaction knowing you’re helping someone who would
really struggle getting from point A to B without you.”

We absolutely love our volunteers! 

If you’d like to learn more about joining the ranks of our highly valued volunteer network – in both metro and regional Victoria – please visit travellersaid.org.au/support-us/volunteer

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