Travelling in the Shoes of Others

Do you work in the public transport sector?

We created the Travelling in the Shoes of Others program to increase awareness of what it means to navigate the public transport network with disability.

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This interactive half-day workshop is perfect for:

  • transport planners
  • engineers
  • designers
  • operations and delivery team leaders
  • people with a professional interest in public transport
  • students in related study areas.

Get on board and gain valuable insights from people with lived experience of using public transport with disability.

Come away with new ideas for more accessible and inclusive planning, infrastructure and customer service.

Four people stand near a train platform. Two are wearing vision impairment goggles and holding a white cane. The others are accompanying them.

What to expect

  • Experience a simulated disability while travelling on Melbourne’s public transport network in small groups.
  • Feel what it can be like to use existing transport infrastructure with disability.
  • Hear from people with lived experience of disability who share their own personal journeys and experiences.
  • Discuss your experiences with Travellers Aid staff or co-facilitators along the way.
  • Share your insights and learnings in a group discussion.

Where are Travelling in the Shoes of Others workshops run?

This program can be delivered throughout Melbourne as well as regional hubs that are accessible via public transport.


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