Travelling in the Shoes of Others

This half-day workshop is designed for people working in public transport. This includes transport planners, engineers, designers, and operations and delivery team leaders. People with a professional interest in public transport – including students and employees of other organisations – can also register.

The interactive program increases awareness of what it means to navigate the public transport network with disability and highlights the need for more accessible and inclusive planning, infrastructure, and customer service.

How it works
  • In small groups, you will experience a simulated disability while travelling on Melbourne’s public transport network.
  • You will experience what it can be like to use existing transport infrastructure with disability.
  • Your session will be co-facilitated by people with lived experience of disability who are open and willing to share their own personal journeys and experiences.
  • Travellers Aid staff or co-facilitators accompany each group to discuss learnings along the way.
  • You will then regroup to share insights and learnings in a general discussion.

This program can be delivered throughout Melbourne as well as regional hubs that are accessible via public transport.


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