Disability Awareness Training

Learn to better support the 1 in 5 Australians who live with disability

Our specialist disability awareness training programs are designed to give your team the knowledge and confidence to better meet the needs of people with disability.  

Informed and co-facilitated by people with lived experience of disability, Travellers Aid’s access and inclusion training programs will help your businesses or organisation:   

  • interact with and assist people with disability in supportive and respectful ways 
  • deliver more equitable, consistent, and customer-focused services 
  • show leadership that encourages positive service  within your workplace or industry sector 
  • understand your legal responsibilities to make reasonable adjustments that meet the needs of staff or customers with disability.

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Your go-to social procurement supplier for access and inclusion training

For more than 100 years, Travellers Aid has assisted people in getting where they need to be.

We have the experience and reputation to guide organisations that want to ensure accessible design and interactions for every customer, better understand employees, and create more inclusive workplaces.

Choose the program that’s right for you

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Online Disability Awareness Training

Can’t make it to a live session?

Take our self-paced online course for a well-rounded understanding of disability. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to respectfully engage with individuals with disability.

A person smiles at the camera while wheeling themself in a manual wheelchair. Beside them is a bus.

Travelling in the Shoes of Others

Designed for the public transport sector, this interactive half-day workshop puts you in the shoes of travellers with disability. Perfect for people working in the sector or those with a professional interest in public transport, including students.

A shopkeeper hands a drink to a customer. A Travellers Aid volunteer smiles while watching the interaction. Links to Customised Accessibility Awareness page.

Customised Accessibility Awareness Workshop

Half-day disability awareness training workshops designed to meet your needs and delivered at a time and place that suits you. Ideal for organisations wanting to improve infrastructure, service and project design and delivery.

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Frequently asked questions

What is disability awareness training?

Disability awareness programs give participants a taste of what it’s like to live with disability. While no program can fully show another person’s lived experience, the aim is to provide learning and insight. This understanding creates more positive interactions in community and in business. It informs more inclusive policies, customer service and infrastructure planning and design.

How is the training delivered?

Training can be completed through online modules or through half-day experiential workshops.

Is online or in-person training best for me?

Your ideal training depends on your goals and availability.

Online training is perfect for those seeking a comprehensive overview of disability awareness. It is self-paced, with interactive modules and assessments to monitor participants’ progress. Online training is a great addition to your workplace onboarding schedule for new staff.

If you are looking for a more in-depth and practical program, choose from our experiential disability training programs.

What happens during in-person training sessions?

Through simulated disability – such as using mobility aids or wearing glasses that approximate vision impairment – you will gain insight into what it’s like to navigate commercial or public spaces with impairment. Trainers with lived experience of disability will accompany you to share their knowledge and answer your questions.

After the simulation, you will join with the trainers and other participants to reflect on what you’ve learned and how to apply it in your business or community.

Is the training designed for specific industries?

We have programs to suit every industry.

Our Traveling in the Shoes of Others program caters for people working in the transport sector, including students.

For people in other sectors, our Customised Accessibility Awareness Workshops are flexible to your needs and location.

The online training is suitable for anyone interested in gaining a solid foundation in disability awareness.

Why is disability awareness training important?

Awareness builds inclusion. Our training builds awareness by giving participants a real-world sense of the challenges faced every day by people with disability.

Experiential disability awareness training that is co-designed and co-delivered by people with disability is a powerful way to better understand disability. It can set off a lightbulb moment that sparks the passion and compassion required to make a change in your sphere of influence.

It will help you see what you can do to improve the design and delivery of built environments and services for better access and inclusion.

This type of training will also provide connections within the disability community that are invaluable in helping you apply your learning to future access and inclusion strategies within your organisation.

How will disability awareness training help our team?

Building empathy and understanding of disability improves customer service and workplace interactions. It will inform better planning and design around accessibility and inclusion.

A great way to embed awareness within your organisation is to combine in-person, experiential training with online learning. Management or leadership staff who undertake our in-person sessions are well-placed to share their experiences and support colleagues who complete self-paced online learning.

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