Pathways to Education Fundraising

Pathways to Education peer-to-peer Fundraiser

Imagine having to fare-evade every morning just to be able to attend school. This is the reality for many Victorian students. For students and their families who are facing financial difficulties a yearly student travel pass at $567 is a cost that many cannot afford.

We have teamed up with Caulfield Park Community School (CPCS) to provide a creative education and fundraising toolkit that gives students the opportunity to support their peers and make a difference in their community, whilst learning about some of the challenges that exist for others.

Our Pathways’ Ambassadors

A big THANK YOU to the students from Access Skills Training (Certificate I in Transition Education) for raising funds to support their peers through our Pathways to Education Program.

Access Skills Training students raised $587.90 which will go directly to assisting a disadvantaged student.

The students used the TAA Pathways to Education Fundraising Toolkit which guided them through their fundraising whilst they learnt about teamwork, planning, advertising, budgeting, making a difference and bringing the community together.