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Travellers Aid Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on the generosity of our supporters for many of our services. Thanks to the ongoing support of donors we are able to provide high quality services that continue to meet the ever growing needs of people facing travel disadvantage.


Travellers Aid is a registered charity with the ACNC and is registered for fundraising activities within Victoria #10670.

All donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible.

Travellers Aid is a registered charity with the ACNC and is registered for fundraising activities within Victoria #10670.

All donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible.

We thank you for considering a donation. We have a number of ways that you can support our services.

Make a regular donation

Making a regular gift is a great way to support our work. A tax-deductible donation of your chosen amount can be directly debited from your bank or credit card account, giving Travellers Aid the security to plan ahead. We can cut down on administration costs and you can be assured that you are contributing to TAA services that will be there for you, your family, friends and all who need them into the future.

  • Your regular donation of $20.00 per month can assist those who are stranded, vulnerable, distressed, disadvantaged, homeless or at risk of homelessness. Travellers Aid provide practical relief such as internet access, phone calls and a train tickets to re-unite people facing travel disadvantage with their family or to reach a place of support.
  • Your regular donation of $50.00 per month can get a disadvantaged child to school for a year and turn this child’s life around from one of disadvantage to one of opportunity.

“Travellers Aid was a safe haven, with the most caring and helpful people keen to do what they could for me and the many, many people, in varied economic (some dire) circumstances I observed in my time there. Your Kindnesses touched me and I commend your Humanity. Thank You” from a valued client

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Make a one-off donation for now

There are many ways that your money can help someone in need:

  • Your donation of $30.00 will help to subsidise 6 shower packs (including towel and soap) for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Your donation of $100.00 can help recruit and train a volunteer companion to accompany a person in need access essential services safely and confidently.
  • Your $567.00 donation can provide a myki pass to a disadvantaged student giving them access to education which can break the cycle of disadvantage.

“The Pathways program is heaven sent. It has been absolutely great. I don’t have to worry about being fined or caught without a ticket even on weekends. Thanks so much to Travellers Aid.” Pathways to Education recipient

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Other ways to give

Leave a gift in your will

Leave the ultimate gift to ensure we are here to assist those in need for years to come. Learn more…

Business Partnerships & Workplace Giving

Let’s work together to tackle travel disadvantage in our community with a meaningful partnership. Learn more…

Fundraising Events

Fancy raising money and having fun at the same time  Organise your own fundraising event. Learn more…

In Memoriam

A special way to honour a loved one when they pass away is by offering friends and family the opportunity to make a donation ‘in memory’ to celebrate their life, instead of sending flowers. Learn more…

Pathways to Education peer-to-peer fundraising toolkit

A creative education and fundraising toolkit that gives students the opportunity to support their peers and make a difference in their community whist learning about some of the challenges that exist for others. Learn more…

Travellers Aid Donation Refund Policy

 Travellers Aid values and relies on donations received through the generosity of our service users and other supporters.  We realise that sometimes circumstances change or errors are made and a donor may wish to request a refund. 

A donation refund request can be made in the following circumstances;

  • The person making the donation was unable to make an informed decision about the donation amount. The request for a refund can be requested by the donor or by a third party who acts on the donor’s behalf e.g., with a Power of Attorney.
  • The person making the donation was experiencing personal hardship at the time the donation was made.
  • The donation amount received is a duplicate donation made due to a technical error or oversight when processing the donation
  • Any other written request received and reviewed by the CEO of Travellers Aid and found to be justifiable.

Refund process

  • A request for a refund of a donation should be made in writing and addressed to; Travellers Aid Australia, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000 or via email to
  • The refund request should set out the reason(s) for the refund request and also include the donor’s name, donation date, donation amount, payment method and receipt number (if known).
  • The donation amount to be refunded will be done by the same method as which it was received. Donations received via credit card will be refunded to the same card from which payment was made. Donations received by cheque or cash will be refunded in the same manner.
  • If Travellers Aid staff notice duplicate donations have been made on the same day from the same donor in our online payments system, we will immediately contact the donor to confirm their intent in making two or more donations. If it is found that any second or subsequent donation was made in error, we will arrange to refund the additional donation(s) via the online payments system.