Travellers Aid’s disability awareness training programs are helping make public transport, workplaces, events, and streetscapes more accessible. And with almost one in five Australians living with disability, organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to improve their accessibility and inclusion practices.

That means demand for quality training is growing. By supporting our 2023 Summer Appeal you can help us take these valuable programs to even more people.

Your donation will help fund better training resources, more lived experience facilitators, and additional simulation equipment. This includes vision impairment goggles, white canes, and another age-related impairment suit.

Co-facilitator Isabella Fantasia says while disability awareness training can only ever show a fraction of what it’s like to navigate public transport and streetscapes with disability, it remains an important experience.

“It is a really great opportunity for people to ask questions, learn more, and reframe their thinking,” Isabella says.

“They will get to not only hear about, but also experience some of the challenges we encounter in terms of trying to access the world and be included.”

Travellers Aid also offers online training options, in partnership with the William Angliss Institute, for people unable to attend live sessions.

Please donate to our Summer Appeal today. You can also learn more about the disability
awareness training programs here.