Seymour Celebrates 5th Anniversary

On 18th November 2019 our Travellers Aid Seymour buggy transfer service, which assists people with mobility challenges to transit through the station, celebrated a special milestone – its 5th anniversary of operation. The day was marked with a special morning tea at Seymour Station for staff, volunteers, service users and supporters.

Traveller Aid buggy transfer service began at Seymour Railway Station for a 2-year pilot and 5 years later it is still going strong. In this time the service has assisted people on over 26,000 occasions and helped many more people remain engaged with public transport and their friends, family and wider community. In the first months of operation there were 100-200 trips a month, today that number is between 600 and 700 and is growing all the time.

Several regular travellers from Yea, Alexandra, Euroa, Benalla, Wangaratta and Nagambie who all come in to connect with the local Seymour services or travel to Melbourne the service has allowed them to continue to make the trip to Melbourne knowing that Travellers Aid will be there at Seymour and Southern Cross stations to assist them on their journey.

Although it is not just regional travellers who are benefiting from the service, knowing the service is available to transport them to Station street, many seniors’ groups travel up from Melbourne to enjoy a day out and lunch at one of Seymour’s great dining venues.