Throughout May and June Travellers Aid participated in the Victorian Government’s Partners for Change Program. The main aim of the project was health engagement and a way for Department of Health to connect with hard-to-reach communities, including people experiencing homelessness, with public health information, advice and support.

We reached 320 individuals, providing them with COVID-19 information, referrals, rapid antigen tests, face masks and other practical support including showers, food vouchers and myki top-ups. While the project as such was limited to a few months, the relationships and engagement with the people who benefitted is ongoing and will cement links to this cohort of people for the future to ensure people who already experience disadvantage are linked with relevant support and information. 

“The free showers and meal vouchers were a huge success to provide some basic human needs/rights. A wonderful initiative that will have a lasting impact due to improved relationship with this target group of people.”

To discuss partnering with Travellers Aid on a health promotion project call Maria Groner or Arnie Bax on (03) 9654 2600.

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Travellers Aid acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.