Crisis Travel

The Travellers Aid Crisis Travel Program is available from our Southern Cross Station site and assists people who need to travel because of an unexpected emergency situation. It also assists people experiencing short-term or long-term disadvantage who want to reunite with family, friends or other support services so they can stay connected and feel safe.

Assistance is available by assessment to anyone who is stranded, vulnerable, distressed, disadvantaged, homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Please call ahead on (03) 9670 2072 or email to discuss your situation and appointment times. In some circumstances, you may be required to complete an
Emergency Relief Application Form.

TAA can provide with practical assistance such as:


  • Subsidised public transport travel tickets for medical emergencies, family crises, court matters, employment opportunities or other compelling reason. Travel tickets are for valid for metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria only


  • Information on travel and accommodation options


  • Other material aid on a case-by-case basis