Commercial Partnerships

Show your community you care about its accessibility needs

Travellers Aid is your go-to social procurement supplier to ensure accessible travel and business interactions for every customer.

For more than 100 years, Travellers Aid has assisted people in getting where they need to be. We have the experience and reputation to guide organisations that want to ensure accessible interactions for every customer.

Choosing Travellers Aid means choosing a supplier that contributes to social good.

More and more, customers are choosing businesses and services that align with their desire to create a fairer and more sustainable world. Governments have also recognised this through their social procurement policies; prioritising suppliers that contribute to social good.

Travellers Aid ticks the social good box by helping people who face mobility challenges or who are travel disadvantaged. We support people to get out into communities and social settings; to be where they want or need to be.

By partnering with us, your business can extend these benefits to its customers, too.


Did you know that 1 in 5 Australians currently lives with a disability?

In addition, our increasingly ageing population will develop age-related disabilities over time. But this does not mean life has to stop!

Imagine a society where people with limited mobility are treated with dignity and respect, able to enjoy full and rich lives with confidence.

Travellers Aid exists to empower and enable people who face travel-related challenges. Through partnerships with business we help organisations ensure everyone has an opportunity to connect, engage and participate in their community at public events and private venues – big and small.

We currently work with:

  • City of Melbourne in various locations across the city, including at flagship and popup events and at major tourist attractions,

  • Victorian public transport authorities, including providing assistance at disruption sites during transport infrastructure works, and

  • Major event organisers, meeting their customers at public transport stops and bringing them to the gates of the event. We also assist throughout the event where required. Learn more about our Events Assistance service.

We are agile, consultative, and quick to market. Travellers Aid provides teams of trained, experienced, and professional staff to support your business, your project, or your event to be accessible, inclusive, and even more successful.


Short-term, long-term, simple or complex.

It’s all possible when you work with Travellers Aid.

Travellers Aid has built its reputation as a solutions-focused organisation.  We work with you to find the best solution based on the limitations of your business site or event location, allowing you to support people facing mobility challenges when and where needed.

Our people are trained, experienced and passionate about what they do. They are the  friendly face, the guiding hand, the calming presence that help make everyday activities  possible for your customer or client.

Travelling on  Melbourne’s tram network isn’t the same for everyone, which is  why the Travellers Aid partnership has played an important role in  connecting all our passengers with place and community.

– Yarra Trams

Travellers Aid provides mobile and on-demand services. We offer connection and mobility assistance solutions tailored to your event or business requirements including:

  • Triobike (e-bike) taxis, suitable for events, that carry up to 2 passengers,
  • Motorised buggies for efficient transportation of up to 5 passengers across longer distances, and
  • Personal guidance; a bespoke service for one-on-one assistance.

As well as assisting people facing mobility challenges, we also support individuals with additional sensory, cognitive, or mental health needs.

Disability awareness training builds inclusive workplace cultures

Demonstrating a commitment to an inclusive culture is vital for the success of your business, event or project.

Travellers Aid’s interactive online training program will enable your staff and contractors to communicate effectively as they deliver their services to people living with disabilities.

The Travellers Aid Disability Awareness Training will help your business or event to:

  • Break down barriers for people with a disability attending your business or event,
  • Ensure your staff, management and contractors have a consistent understanding of best practice service delivery,
  • Develop and maintain an inclusive culture in your workplace and community,
  • Maintain a team that takes pride in providing service to people living with disabilities, and
  • Experience an increase in client and customer satisfaction with your business.

Developed in partnership with William Angliss Institute, Disability Awareness Training is perfect for:

  • Management and administration staff,
  • Part-time and casual staff at events, in retail and in hospitality,
  • Contractors to your business or event,
  • Frontline workers in any industry, and
  • Businesses who aim to recruit people living with disabilities into their workforce.

Make accessibility a priority for your business, service, project or event.

Contact Travellers Aid today and book in a time to chat about helping your customers get where they need to be.

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