Australian Open

Travellers Aid Access and Inclusion service at the
Australian Open 2022

“Travellers Aid is excited to once again be collaborating with Yarra Trams and Tennis Australia to further enhance accessibility and inclusion at one of Melbourne’s premier events, The Australian Open. Our aim is to enable people of all abilities to connect, participate and engage in everything Melbourne has to offer. Can’t think of a better event to start this in 2022 then the AO.”

Elias Lebbos Travellers Aid Chief Executive Officer

Yarra Trams will scale up its partnership with Traveller’s Aid Australia and Tennis Australia to support passengers travelling by tram to the Australian Open 2022.

Set up around key transport and sporting hubs, such as Flinders Street Station, John Cain Arena, and Rod Laver Arena, trained Traveller’s Aid volunteers and Yarra Trams employees will be on hand to assist people from regular train and tram services onto the tram shuttles to and from Melbourne Park.

The program will see Traveller’s Aid provide access support for Australian Open patrons living with disabilities or experiencing mobility challenges, as well as more direct transport support on motorised buggies and bikes. Tennis Australia and Yarra Trams will assist by identifying passengers in need of support and matching them with Traveller’s Aid volunteers. The service will run daily during the tournament starting 1.5 hours before the day and night sessions.

The accessibility app BindiMaps will also be utilised for the partnership. BindiMaps works by installing wayfinding beacons within the Australian Open precinct including key locations highlighted within the app, such as meeting points for Traveller’s Aid transport support volunteers. These meeting points will be clearly marked with large A-frames and business cards will be distributed with the Traveller’s Aid dedicated support number for the event with instructions on how to download the App.

The free service will be available to AO guests from:

17 January 2022 to 30 January 2022, inclusive. 10:00 am to 11:00 pm No bookings required.

Travellers Aid will provide service at:

1. Melbourne Park – Eastern Plaza car park – a buggy service to the Garden Square entrance

2. Yarra Trams platform stops at:
a. Stop 7B Rod Laver Arena (Garden Square Entrance)
b. Stop 7C John Cain Arena
c. Stop 7D Olympic Boulevard (Grand Slam Oval Entrance)

Please note: Guests using our personal guidance/buggy services will proceed to entrance barriers in the ‘Express lane’, eliminating potential long waits in a queue.

During late session egress, Travellers Aid personnel will be roaming as required rather than be stationed at a fixed point.

Wheelchair or personal guidance support will be provided for guests arriving at the MCG/Yarra Park parking lot upon request.

Mobility equipment is available for day hire from Travellers Aid’s facility at Flinders Street Station – 9068 8187 or Southern Cross Station – 9670 2072.

We look forward to seeing you at the Australian Open and supporting you in having a great tennis experience.

If you have any questions regarding this service at the Australian Open we are available to you at 0498 023 959 or