Travellers Aid Australia operates from our four service sites at Southern Cross and Flinders Street Stations in Melbourne and Ballarat and Seymour Railway Stations, in regional Victoria.

Our services are provided with the highest level of care, respect and dignity and are designed to enable travellers with mobility requirements to fully participate in life activities. Our services are easily accessible and available to anyone in need regardless of background.


    Our services are guided by the Victorian HACC active service model (ASM) and adhere to the principles:

    • People want to remain autonomous.

    • People have potential to improve their capacity.

    • People’s needs should be viewed in a holistic way.

    • HACC services should be organised around the person and family or carer. The person should not be slotted into existing services.

    • A person’s needs are best met where there are strong partnerships and collaborative working relationships between the person, their carers and family, support workers and service providers.