NHP Electrical Engineering Products was established in 1968 with founder Nigel Peck determined to create a 100% Australian-owned company focused on providing the best service and highest level of quality products. From humble beginnings, NHP has expanded to provide electrical engineering excellence to all corners of Australia
and New Zealand. 

After observing first-hand the impact Travellers Aid services provide people with disability and mobility impairments, the leadership team at NHP Electrical Engineering Products was keen to support our work. 

Accessibility, inclusion and the power of choice are things both Travellers Aid and NHP value. This relationship will establish a mutually beneficial Community Partnership that works to increase access and inclusion, ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity to not only experience their communities but actively participate. 

We are truly excited about this Partnership, which will assist us to increase our capacity and flexibility in delivering support at short notice through the procurement of much needed mobility devices and buggies, supplied by NHP. 

Geoff Thorp (Chief Marketing Officer at NHP) says of the partnership, “By joining forces with Travellers Aid, we can help give people access to choices that will enable them to push boundaries – unlocking opportunities and experiences that might not have seemed possible previously. This is something that’s fundamental to core values here at NHP. This Partnership was a natural fit for us.”