On 3 December 2017 we celebrate International Day of People with Disability.

Earlier this year we at Travellers Aid welcomed the release of the Victorian Government’s State Disability Plan 2017-2020. The plan tackles the negative attitudes and barriers that more than one million Victorians with a disability deal with on a daily basis. This aligns strongly with the work of Travellers Aid where daily we assist travellers with a disability who are living both independent and meaningful lives and just need a little assistance and understanding along the way.

One person who is certainly fulfilling his potential is Travellers Aid Buggy client Rory Elliot (pictured). Rory is a first year university student studying a double degree, majoring in Japanese and physics. Rory uses the Travellers Aid service every weekday as he travels to and from uni in Melbourne’s CBD.

Just recently we received a letter from Rory’s mum Kate that we would like to share with you.

“I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all your assistance in helping Rory this year. It has been great for him and a relief for me to know he can get to his train on time in the morning without having to negotiate elevators and crowds with his heavy bag.

First year at uni and first year of independent commuting was made possible by your fantastic assistance. It would have been so much more difficult to do the travelling without your help.

So many thanks from both myself and Rory.

Kind regards, Kate Elliot”

Lee Matthew, TAA volunteer coordinator, recently remarked, “Rory is such a humble and gracious young man and an absolute pleasure to assist.” A win-win for all.