Inclusion comes from awareness. And one of the best ways to build awareness is to give people a taste of the lived experience of those with disability.

Travelers Aid’s experiential disability awareness training helps event organisers, tourism and hospitality venues, transport providers, businesses, councils and policy makers understand how people with disability might experience their spaces and services.

Through simulated disability – such as using mobility aids or wearing glasses to simulate vision impairment – training participants gain a sense of what it means to navigate a space with disability.

Travellers Aid’s Operations Manager Maria Groner says the training is designed and delivered in collaboration with people with disability.

Maria says “This can provide deep insights and understanding; a lightbulb moment for individuals and groups that sparks the passion and compassion required to make a change in their sphere of influence. It also provides ongoing connections between businesses and people with disability for future engagement when designing and reviewing access and inclusion strategies.” 

Feedback from training participants:

“City planners, developers, designers and architects out there should consider connecting with this great not-for-profit organisation to learn firsthand about the challenges of the city.” – Steven Weir, Social Sustainability Manager, Co-Chair Lendlease Pride Network (Australia)

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, but through the training I learnt there are more opportunities to subtly improve how we architecturally design equitable spaces.” – Mia Willemsen, Senior Architect, Hassell Studio

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