Make your event more accessible

We work with you to make your event more accessible and enable people with disabilities and/or mobility challenges to participate, improving your visitor satisfaction and increasing attendance.

On average 1 person with mobility needs attend an event with 2.5 other people.

Utilising trained and experienced staff and volunteers, we can provide services such as:

  • motorised buggies to connect people from public transport, taxis or private parking, to event entry and exit points
  • personal guidance (wheelchairs) to and from allocated seating and/or around the event
  • Mobility equipment hire, i.e. wheelchairs, electric scooters, walkers and strollers
    Personal care attendance for people with disabilities.

Events we have supported in the last year include the Australian Open, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Moomba and Anzac Day.

Together, we are able to work towards creating increasingly accessible environments across Melbourne.

Please call Elias Lebbos to discuss your needs on 9654 2600.