Travellers Aid is pleased to add to our accessibility resources with our visual stories and virtual tours for services at Southern Cross Station, Flinders Street Station and Seymour. 

The resources were developed in response to feedback from prospective and current service users who said it would be helpful to have more information, in particular visual information, on our website as to what the sites look like and what to expect when people use our services. The feedback that we have received so far has been incredible and shows the impact that these accessibility tools have for our service users.   


“Congratulations to you and your team!!!! 

Although I am now about 96% blind and use a guide dog all the time, I was, in a previous life, a professional photographer and at other times an educator, including working with clients with special needs.  

This Visual Story, and I presume the others, is first class material, well photographed, well setup on each page, and well told. The use of the “first person voice” for the reader is brilliant in making it much more relatable to the individual reader/s. 

Having started using Travellers Aide in c 2017 when I was regularly travelling to Canberra by train by myself (in those days with a long cane) I continue to be impressed by the calibre of the wide range of supports offered to travellers. 

Keep up the great work!!!!” 


We have worked closely with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) to develop the visual stories, which are available in both PDF format and as descriptive Word documents. 

You can find the visual stories and tours on Travellers Aid’s Accessibility Resources page.