Between 17 – 30 January 2022, Travellers Aid volunteers and staff assisted 221 tennis fans, providing buggy and wheelchair assistance, personal guidance, directions and other general information.

Travellers Aid’s Access and Inclusion Service has meant that many more tennis fans could attend where previously they may have stayed away, concerned about the physical challenges they would face getting to and from Melbourne Park.

“Thank you for all your volunteers’ assistance over the 4 days I attended the Australian Open 2022.

I was hesitant in attending the event this year due to a mobility issue.

After my experience on day one, knowing that this service was available, I believed that I could comfortably attend the AO as we had planned –it being the 20th year of my attendance.

I had the pleasure of interacting with your volunteers’, who made me feel that nothing was too much effort, without the presence of this personalised assistance/service from the Travellers Aid volunteers I doubt that my experience at AO22 would have been such a positive one. Thank you, Travellers Aid!!! You made a huge difference.

Thanks for

  • your smile
  • your willingness to help
  • thinking of others before you think of yourself”

– Monica